For the billions on this planet who have suffered with any kind of health challenge, this one belongs to you.
It is your right to be heard, be taken seriously, and have the freedom to heal.

— Anthony William
Hi! Nice to meet you

I’m Wynke and I’d love to help you implement the Medical Medium lifestyle. A transformation to a new & healthier life.

Work with me!
From chronically ill with no control, to healthy, empowered and living my best life ever.

Do you dream of this as well? get inspired!

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Do you feel like:
  • You have tried everything but without (lasting) results?
  • You do not have and are not getting answers regarding the cause of your health issues?
  • You are losing control over your health and would like to take it back?
  • You intuitively feel that there are more possibilities than you are told and you want to explore a different path?
  • You want to address the root causes of your symptoms in a natural way?
  • You can feel much better than you do now?
  • You want to look better and more radiant

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Yes please!
Client reviews:

This program has completely changed my life for the better. The knowledge of Wynke and Dimphy is a complete story. It’s structured in a step by step way to prevent you from being overwhelmed by all the changes you are going to have to apply. I can recommend it 100% and I will never go back to my ‘old’ lifestyle. This lifestyle is much more fun 🙂

— Robin (32, Nederland) - plant based healing group course

The plant based healing course is a course made from personal experience. Wynke and Dimphy really show you the way. The course material is clear and inspiring. It is a course for anyone who really wants to take good care of their body. I am grateful this crossed my path.

— Els (60, Netherlands) - plant based healing group course

I experienced my 1 on 1 session with Wynke as very pleasant. She is open, honest and genuinely interested which creates a nice sense of equality. She takes her time and thinks in solutions. This all makes for a very personal approach.

— Mandy (34, Netherlands)

Reaching out to Wynke gave me so much hope when I needed it the most. It was so good to talk to someone who went through the same (ulcerative colitis). By sharing her story I got faith in my own healing again. She also gave me helpful advice about how to improve my diet and supplements in order to heal. Thank you Wynke for being an inspiration and for your healing guidance.

— Katharina (37, Austria)

I am grateful that Wynke is accompanying me on my healing journey. After 4 months of strict Medical Medium protocol, it is incredibly good to talk to Wynke who has experienced the disease on her own body and healed through Medical Medium protocol. She is incredibly nice, gives great tips and encourages you not to give up. Thank you!

— Svenja (28, Germany)

I have been following part of the MM protocol for a year now but what was really missing was chatting with somone who had already done so much healing. I wanted to pick someone’s brain and really get some affirmations that following this was the right thing for me. Being able to speak to Wynke was so helpful.

— Anna (39, Australia)

I am very happy that Wynke is helping me in this healing process. She has gone through this herself and understands as no other how it is and feels. She always knows the right words to say and will pull you up when you’re feeling down. She has her heart on her sleeve, something I value highly. I don’t have to give an extensive report because she understands exactly what I am going through. She also listens to you and gives you great tips. Wynke is very grounded and looks at situations very realistically. She also has a killer mindset and I hope to learn more from her.

— Yvonne (25, Netherlands)

Without Wynke, I would not have been able to make the translation from books to practical daily routine. Most likely I would have given up or only partially implemented the Medical Medium lifestyle. I’m glad that didn’t happen because after 1 to 1.5 months I started to notice relief in my symptoms. That’s a great win, isn’t it!

— Ana (42, Netherlands)