Empowerment is having answers. Its knowing that your body is not attacking itself. It’s knowing that your genes or hormones are not responsible for your sickness, that you are not a faulty person. It’s knowing that you’re not a bad person either, and that you didn’t create the illness with your mind-set and emotions.

— Anthony William

About me

From the age of 15, I had been experiencing regular symptoms such as cold sores, impetigo, constipation, shingles, acne and fatigue. All symptoms and harbingers of what came years later: the diagnosis of ulcerative colitis. The message I got was clear. You have a chronic condition and it is autoimmune. Read: a big mystery explained as “your body is attacking itself. A year later, they re-diagnosed me with Crohn’s disease based on certain serious complications that are more common in Crohn’s.

Branded with a diagnosis I would never get rid of, doctors more or less forced me towards a lifelong treatment plan with immunosuppressants. To me, that felt like the end of everything. My say, my voice, my immune system, my body, my health and therefore my freedom. In addition to this, deep down, I absolutely did not believe that my body was attacking itself. Therefore I decided to -intuitively- refuse the treatment.

As if it were meant to be, at that time my sister came into contact with a doctor who used Medical Medium information to help his patients. At the time, I had no idea that this was going to be the biggest change of my life. Was I skeptical? Yes quite a bit. But that quickly changed when I read his book Liver Rescue.

I suddenly had all answers to all my questions and yes, I cried while reading his books. I read it and I knew for sure: this is it. These are the answers, I now understand exactly why I got sick and I also understand how to reverse it myself. I studied the books and put together my own protocol. With success: within 5 weeks all my inflammation levels were back to normal. There was no trace of Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s disease and I rapidly recovered. Doctors were perplexed but unfortunately not interested in the story.

Apart from my bowel inflammation, in the year that followed I resolved all my other long-term complaints thanks to this lifestyle: acne, hair loss, dizziness, brainfog, not seeing clearly, concentration problems, headaches, migraines, severe menstrual pain, bloating and constipation. How am I doing today? I have endless energy, my bowels better than ever, I feel good, sleep better, my hair is growing back and I look better.

Curious about the details of my own transformation? I tell my story in the Quest for Healing podcast. Look for episode #18, you can find it here.

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