IBD – You just have live with it. Well, hell no you don’t!

14 January 2022 - Wynke Haanstra

The famous words my GI doctor said that I will never forget: “your body is attacking itself”, “it’s pretty aggressive on you”, “you’ll never get rid of it”, “learn to live with it” and “you will need immune suppressing medication for the rest of your life” 

I never believed it. Deep down inside there was a little voice that shouted: yes, something is happening in my body and it’s not good. I don’t know how to fix it yet, but the ‘fact’ that my body attacks itself was out of the question. Our bodies are literally programmed to keep us alive and healthy, not to destroy themselves. The self-healing capacity of our body is huge. You just have to give it what it needs in order to heal.

Looking back on my hospital journey there’s one thing I’ll never forget: the images of my first colonoscopy. I decided to not take an anesthetic because I wanted to see everything live and with my own eyes. I saw most of my colon completely covered with ulcers. It looked bloody (red) and pus-like (brownish-yellowish). Later in my healing process, this image gave me a big “AHA!” moment. 

So, what exactly was this ‘AHA’ moment? I was put on the track of plant-based healing and read -among other books-, Anthony William’s books in which he mentions the root cause of ulcerative colitis: the shingles virus. As a teenager I often had cold sores and shingles on my back. All herpes. When I read that, it felt like the last piece of the puzzle in this – so it seemed – unsolvable puzzle. I know exactly what herpes looks like. The same way my intestine looked: red, bloody, yellow pus and ulcers that leaked continuously and can be very painful. At this point I knew I was going to heal. I had the answer and therefore also the solution.

The solution is to stop feeding the virus and making it stronger. The goal is to starve and destroy it. In a nutshell this means leaving out all foods that feed viruses, eating low fat and only consume healing foods. Preferably the holy-four: fruit, vegetables, herbs and wild foods. In addition, a tailor-made supplement protocol to help knock down the virus faster is very helpful. Next to this all you need is full dedication and a little patience. 

I healed exceptionally fast which is not a standard. It was hard work (mentally) and required a lot of dedication. My colon was free of inflammation in about 5 weeks and it still is today, almost two years later. It took a few months for my gut to completely reset and calm down but I now dare say nothing ever bothers me anymore. My gut has a brand new rhythm and is very healthy! There is literally no trace of IBD, and guess what: my cold sores also disappeared!