The hidden suffering of acne & how to solve it naturally

5 January 2022 - Wynke Haanstra

Not looking in the mirror. Avoiding your own reflection. Not wanting to go outside. Being embarrassed at parties and birthdays you couldn’t or didn’t cancel. Trying to avoid bright daylight. Not sitting under spotlights in restaurants. Getting up extra early to “cover up” all the red scarring and bumps. Going to work with tears in your eyes because you feel ugly and ashamed but you can’t stay home. The pain of all the inflamed cysts on your face and / or other body parts. Keeping your hair down in the gym to cover up your back and neck. Cancelling that date you were looking forward to. Having anxiety to kiss someone passionately because your make up will come off and expose the redness. No sleepovers. Not taking holiday pictures. Spending thousands of euros on creams and peelings.

Can you relate to this? 

I lived like this for many years and fortunately I eventually got rid of my acne. However certain habits such as looking for the darkest place to sit and avoiding all types of light I still do. That old program is still running.  

After spending lots of money on different types of creams, facials as well as playing with my nutrition, I often managed to reduce my acne temporarily, but every time it seemed to come back even worse. During my journey of healing ulcerative colitis, I started eating completely plant based and avoided eating anything pre-packaged. I made sure everything I ate was unprocessed, meaning I made everything myself from scratch.

I soon learned that the true cause of acne is the streptococcus bacteria and how strep over time moves from the liver into the lymphatic system causing acne in the well-known places: face neck, back, chest, buttocks and groin area. I learned to avoid certain types of food and work with the right foods and antiviral supplements to help get rid of these bacteria by starving them out.  

It didn’t happen overnight, but I knew that it was the only permanent way out. How did it go? I always tell everyone I coach: it’s possibly not going to be fun, you literally have to go through it to get out of it. Meaning: going into the process of detoxing your whole body. This gives you different kind of detox symptoms but can also cause your acne to temporarily get worse. Frustrating and painful but I persevered because I ‘knew’ and with results! Beautiful smooth skin.