Why I ate almost 200 melons in 2020

2 May 2021 - Wynke Haanstra

How many melons did you eat in 2020? One? Maybe two? Shame! I ate around 200. Why? Because melons are essential to any healing process and especially for people who are struggling to feel better or are stuck in terms of healing progression. 

Melons are pre-digested which means our digestive system hardly has to make any effort to process it. The fructose in melons leaves your stomach in less than a minute after which the rest of the fruit goes directly into your intestinal tract where it immediately strengthens and replenishes. The juice of melon actively binds to all kinds of “toxins” in our bodies such as black mold, neurotoxins, mycotoxins, undigested (rotting) proteins, ammonia, gas, and bacterial toxins. Melon juice literally washes away all these toxins giving your immune system a chance to repair itself. Also, melons thin the blood which is beneficial for fighting cardiovascular disease. In addition, it is one of the most alkaline foods you can eat. Melon is also high in silica which is good for your bones, skin, hair, joints and teeth. Nothing but benefits!

Melons are amazing for: mysterious infertility, crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, IBS, heart and liver disease, diabetes, acne, depression, UTI’s, yeast infections, herpes infections and much more!

Apart from all these benefits, melons taste great. In my opinion watermelon tastes best in pieces (scoop it out with a spoon and add some lime juice on top!) or as freshly squeezed juice. All other melons I think are best eaten blended. Just like having a real creamy milkshake in your hand! The all-time best melon for making a milkshake? Snowball melon. Mainly found at LIDL in 2020! Good luck chasing melons!



*All this information is Medical Medium information.