The hardest part about change, it not making the same choices you made the day before.

— Dr. Joe Dispenza

VIP transformation program

In the VIP program we will go deep and change your lifestyle in 4 months. We will focus on the next six areas:


I help you implement the Medical Medium lifestyle step by step. Together we dive deep into your past and present, create your unique protocol, set your goals and see what transformation pace suits you and your current situation best.


Changing your lifestyle is not easy. Not for you but also not for your partner, family or friends. What do others say or think? Are they supporting you or not? If there is no support how do you deal with that? I also give you practical tips and advice for eating with friends, family and going for dinner in restaurants.

Twice a month coaching from me as Medical Medium expert. Next to answering all your questions, we have in-depth and motivating conversations so you can continue to transform and feel comfortable during the transformation process.
3-6-9 Cleanse

When you are ready, you will start a 3-6-9 cleanse. A lot can happen both physically and emotionally during a cleanse. I guide you and tell you what to expect. I give you tips and tricks regarding cleanse preparation, the 9 days itself and post cleanse.

* Read more about this cleanse in my blog


Mindset and meditation

Stress is a major factor when it comes to health issues. Why? First of all, adrenaline is toxic. I will explain you why while we work together on your inner world. Second, what you say, think and believe affects how you feel. What are you saying to yourself and how does this make you feel? How conscious are you? Meditation, among other things, helps you to become more in alignment and to create peace in your head, body and life.

Help in the kitchen

I help you find this lifestyle easy, fun AND tasty! Nothing is more frustrating than trying to adopt a new lifestyle where you always feel like you can’t eat anything anymore or don’t like what you eat. I’ll teach you how to keep enjoying yourself within the Medical Medium lifestyle. Shall I tell you a secret? My food tastes better than before I adopted this lifestyle!

What do you get?
  • 8 personal coaching sessions of 60 min. (worth EUR 1000,-)
  • 4 months full focus on you including a personalized plan
  • Mijn 3 e-books: Medical Medium proof ‘junkfood’, 10 sauces, desserts & cheese (worth EUR 22,50)

EUR 925,-

Are you ready to invest in yourself and get started with me?

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